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Listing of all Filipino Combat Systems certified instructors
And regional representatives 

This is the only legitimate listing of FCS instructors in existence.
All of the ranks and positions listed below are current and up to date. Any individual or individuals claiming otherwise, are guilty of fraud.


Ray Cole   Active

Lakan Guro     

Tampa, Florida


Carlos "Pipo" Lopez    Active
Lakan Guro
Caribbean/Latin American Regional Director   
San Juan, Puerto Rico   

Harold Evans 

Lakan Guro


Hernan "Rico" Cortes

Lakan Guro

Davenport, Florida

Eric Porschen 

Lakan Guro  Dalawa   

Naples, FL    


Tim Potts 

Lakan Guro Dalawa   

Winter Haven, FL   


Rick DeAguila

Lakan Guro

Clearwater, FL


Todd Norton 

Lakan Guro           

Lakeland, FL      



Nate Hill Active
Winter Haven, Florida
Ernie Lake Active
Kentucky State Representative
Lexington, Kentucky
Mike Jennings Active
Colorado State Representative
Denver, Colorado

Marrese Crump  Active


Tampa, FL 


Mark Cody Active


Winter Haven, FL





Orlando, FL



Aldon Asher 
Orlando, FL  



Cheryl Vanwormer




John Bowman


Sarasota, FL  


Tom Witcomb


Sarasota, FL


Manongs & Manangs (Active Certified Instructors)

Jim Webb     Active
Certified Instructor/Western Alabama Representative
Themopolis, Alabama
Dimitris Angelis    Active
Certified Instructor

Dimitris Boudakis    Active
Certified Instructor

Dimitris Katsiaras    Active
Certified Instructor

Austin Dionaldo - Active
Certified Instructor
Winter Haven / Tampa, Florida
Ben Zaharias - Active
Certified Instructor
FCS Ocala Representative
Ocala, Florida
Aymeric Puccio - Active
Certified Instructor
Cannes, France
FCS Kali France Representative
Metin Aydinoglu - Active
Certified Instructor
Basel, Switzerland
FCS Kali Switzerland Representative
Rene Zeller - Active
Certified Instructor
FCS Kali Germany Representative
Karlsruhe, Germany
Sonja Zeller - Active
Certified Instructor
Karlsruhe, Germany
Lajos Bayer - Active
Certified Instructor
Budapest, Hungary
Zoltán Lengyel - Active
Certified Instructor
Budapest, Hungary
Péter Németh - Active
Certified Instructor
Budapest, Hungary
Dr. Simeon Lao Active
Certified Instructor
Tampa, Florida
Dr. Ron Vicencio Active
Certified Instructor Tampa, Florida
Stanley Tippins  Active
Certified Instructor
Montgomery Alabama
Certified Instructor
FCS California Regional Director
FCS/Bladesport Tournament Coordinator
Baldwin Park, California
Jose Seijo  Active
Certified Instructor    San Juan, Puerto Rico   
Mark Ski  Active
Certified Instructor     Tampa, FL 

Clint "Bear" Wink Active
Certified Instructor     Tampa, FL
Jaroslav Havelka Active
Certified Instructor    Clearwater, Fl
Richard Monforti  Active
Certified Instructor     North Carolina
Lyndon Johnson  Active
Certified Instructor    North Carolina
Eric Bullock  Active
Certified Instructor    North Carolina
Brian Corey  Active
Certified Instructor    North Carolina
Carlos Ortiz  Active
Certified Instructor    Barceloneta, Puerto Rico
Jose Figueroa  Active
Certified Instructor    Aguada, Puerto Rico
Hugh Klumb  Active
Certified Instructor   Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
Howard Vanderbeck  Active
Certified Instructor   Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
Phillip "Brad" Carey  Active
Certified Instructor    Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
South Carolina State Reprersentative
Atilla Jonas  Active
Certified Instructor    Budapest, Hungary
FCS Hungarian Representative
Joe Harrison  Active
Certified Instructor   Tampa, Florida
Lawrence Wilder  Active
Certified Instructor     Hoover, Alabama
Yaron Samuel Brill  Active
FCS Israel Representative
Certified Instructor           Tel Aviv, Israel
Sean Tyler    Active
Certified Instructor     Toronto, Canada
Canadian FCS Representative
Martin Medvec Active
Certified instructor     Bratislava/Trencin, Slovakia
Slovakian FCS Representative
Alexander Pisarkin     Active
Certified Instructor     Yekaterinburg, Russia
Russian FCS Representative
Mike Haack   Active
Certified Instructor    Cocoa Beach, FL 
Jose DeArce   Active
Certified Instructor    Tampa, FL
Marie Lanoy
Certified Instructor    Los Angeles, California

Carlo Canezo
Certified Instructor     Tampa, FL 
Gary Clementi 
Certified Instructor    Tampa, FL  
Donovan McNeely 
Certified Instructor     Tallahassee, FL  
Jose Moratalla 
Certified Instructor    Tarpon Springs, FL  
Kenny Gonzalez
Certified Instructor       Riverview, FL
Rick Vance 
Certified Instructor  Clearwater, FL   
Certified Instructor     Tampa, FL      
Anthony Chan 
Certified Instructor    Tampa, FL         
Rene Calaras 
Certified Instructor    Pensacola, FL
Andy Zavalla
Certified Instructor     Melbourne, FL    
Certified Instructor     Tampa, FL    
Jesse Frank 
Certified Instructor    Tallahassee, FL   
Jay Corcoran
Certified Instructor     Brandon, FL
Certified Instructor     Tel Aviv, Israel
Certified Instructor    Beer Sheva, Israel  
Efrain Rivera
Certified Instructor Barceloneta, Puerto Rico

U.S. Representatives


Foreign Representatives


International Headquarters